Conducting seminars over the Internet has been the go-to option in recent times for many corporate bodies. It is important to note that webinars are quite different from simple marketing videos, especially because the audience follow presentations in real-time and ask questions. It owes its high regard to advance in technology and the growing need to communicate without distance barrier. Due to the Covid-19 virus outbreak, brands and assets management companies started using webinars just in the wake of March all over the world.

Advantages of Using Webinars

Webinars have been able to keep its head above water in many businesses for several reasons. Some of these reasons include:

1. Increased Online Business Content:

Every webinar hosted helps create a rich collection of information relevant to current human resources in the business and equally available to future generations of employees. The same goes for making useful information available to consumers and potential customers. Evergreen Group‘s understanding of this importance is shown in their multiple engagements in webinars, such as Where Music Unites and Living With COVID-19, among others.

2. Helps Enforce Authority:

During the Q&A session, individuals that are more authorized or higher in rank are called upon to supply answers to the questions being asked. With this, the hierarchy of authority in a business establishment is recognized. Its effects reflect in the market, where the brand is immediately referenced as a relatable authority in its field. In Evergreen Group, their Vice Present, Mr. Isaac Chew, among other top officials, represented the company’s interest and familiarized the employees with their roles.

3. Generates More Audience:

This is very important for assets management. The influence of webinars over the years is its ability to pull more audience. For one, the Internet where these seminars and conferences occur offers a global reach. With a useful webinar software application, there is no limitation in choosing venues for either international audiences or in the same geographical location of the business. Instead, many people can join in for asset management to extend their reach.

4. Access to Industry Experts:

Webinars turn both presenters and audience to field experts. Webinars’ flexibility makes room to advertise your experience as the webinar presenter of a business body. Also, as an audience listening in or watching, specific field knowledge is being acquired that qualifies you as an expert. Also, businesses can invite many already established experts in the field to share their experience.

5. Cost Insensitive:

Webinars are reputable for delivering as much as is paid for. For example, while the video conference’s cost might be more than that of an audio seminar, it is well worth it. Statistics show that 82% of video audiences are unlikely to multitask, meaning a higher level of attention to information and a 50% increase in productivity. But on a general note, webinars are very cheap compared to what they offer.

6. Costing of Equipment:

A simple mobile phone might be the best for setting up a webinar (or not), for many reasons. The camera, mouthpiece/microphone, screen size, speaker, and so on are different things business presenters must consider before starting a webinar. Take time to practice and run various tests to check for where things can go wrong or get familiar with something you didn’t know before.


Webinars are here to stay. Convenience and efficiency have seen business-owners share and grow their businesses. During the COVID-19 period, it has proved this point so.


There are many trustworthy webinar platforms. A few examples are (Zoom, OBS, Streamlabs).  Check for ease in registering and navigation or user interface. Then picking the right speaker, topic, day, and time will also go a long way in attracting the right audience. Finally, constant promotions or advertisements will always refresh the audience’s memories to register and show up. Webinars are here to stay. Convenience and efficiency have seen business-owners share and grow their businesses.

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